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Test Store Migration
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Easy Setup
Enjoy powerful customization options with convenient default settings.
Scenario Testing
Test complex scenarios using custom orders or copies of existing ones.
Theme Integration
Watch as Atomic automatically adapts to your carefully crafted theme.
Anytime Cancellation
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Policy Design
Empower your customers to submit return requests with ease with all the info you need
Return Reasons
Customize which reasons customers can select when initiating a return, enabling you to categorize and analyze returns efficiently.
Return Subreasons
Add an extra layer of detail by requiring customers to provide specific information for certain return reasons.
Store Credit Resolution
Offer customers the option to receive store credit as a resolution for their return.
Refund Resolution
Offer customers the option of a refund as a resolution for their return.
Exchange Resolution
Offer customers the option of an exchange as the resolution for their return.
Replacement Resolution
Offer customers the option of a replacement product as the resolution for their return.
Warranty Resolution
Enable customers to select a warranty claim and allow you, as the merchant, to determine the appropriate resolution.
Resolution Windows
Define the timeframes during which customers can initiate returns through the storefront for each specific resolution type.
Resolution Exceptions
Only allow certain resolutions for specific return reasons, creating more control over the return process.
Product Selection
Configure product groups that align with different return policies, ensuring you gather relevant and valuable data.
Require customers to upload photos for specific reasons to help verify the condition of returned items.
Additional Information
Request extra details from customers when they select specific return reasons, facilitating better understanding and faster processing.
Mandate comments from customers for specific return reasons, encouraging them to provide valuable feedback.
Customize return fees, whether flat or percentage-based, at the line-item level or for the entire return.
Holiday Period
Accommodate holiday periods making returns more flexible during special times of the year.
Item Return
Decide how you get items back to your facility to manage efficiency and costs
Automatic Label Generation
Automatically create shipping labels using carriers supported by Shippo, EasyPost, or Shipstation, streamlining the shipping process.
Label Upload
Have the flexibility to use your own shipping labels for returns, ensuring compatibility with your preferred shipping methods.
Multiple Packages
Generate multiple shipping labels within a single return request, accommodating scenarios where returns involve multiple packages or items.
Route returns to specific destinations based on the products being returned, allowing for efficient and organized returns management.
Automatically track return shipments through carrier services, providing real-time visibility into the status of returned items.
Offer instructions for customers who wish to donate returned items and require receipts for donation verification, facilitating charitable contributions.
Self Ship
Request customers to self-ship returned items to your facility, reducing return shipping costs and providing more control over the return process.
Local Courier Pickup
Collect details to allow a local courier pickup for large items, ensuring a convenient return experience for bulkier products.
Design a stunning storefront that matchces your brand
Send Resolution to Shopify
Streamline resolution processing with a one-click option to send resolutions directly to Shopify, ensuring efficient order management.
Variant Exchanges
Empower customers to select alternative variants from your current stock, enhancing their flexibility during the exchange process.
Full Copy Editor
Customize and adapt storefront text to align with your company's unique tone and messaging, creating a consistent and branded customer experience.
Exchange Requests
Permit customers to provide free-text requests when requesting a different item during the exchange process, catering to their specific preferences.
Gift Requests
Allow customers to submit their information, facilitating order identification and ensuring a smooth process for handling gift-related requests.
Achieve the best besults for customers and products
Any Resolutions
Have the flexibility to choose any resolution, regardless of whether it aligns with your return policy, providing more options for handling returns.
Indicate when a return request is "in repair" and mark it as "repair complete" once the necessary repairs have been made, ensuring clear tracking of repair processes.
Fee Overrides
Override the automatically calculated return fee based on your policy and set a custom fee as needed, offering more control over return costs.
Restocking Inventory
Decide whether to restock returned items into your inventory or choose not to restock them, tailoring your inventory management to your specific needs.
Automation - Fees
Configure conditions to allow for free returns or impose a return fee automatically, depending on predefined criteria, enhancing automation in your return process.
Automation - Require Approval
Configure conditions that necessitate your review and approval before providing a return label, ensuring quality control.
Automation - Generate Label
Configure conditions for automatic label generation, streamlining the return label creation process based on predefined criteria.
Automation - Request Self Ship
Configure conditions for when customers are required to self-ship their return requests, providing flexibility in return methods.
Automation - In Transit
Configure conditions to automatically resolve requests when the carrier marks them as "in transit," expediting the return process.
Automation - Received
Configure conditions to automatically resolve requests when the carrier marks them as "received" at your facility, improving efficiency in processing returns.
Use the data you've gathered to strategically adapt your returns program
Distribution - Products/Reasons/Resolution
Gain insights into the distribution of returns across reasons, products, and resolutions, helping you understand return patterns comprehensively.
Comments - Products/Reasons/Resolution
Evaluate customer comments to identify recurring patterns or feedback, allowing you to spot common issues or trends in return requests.
Monitor how returns evolve over time, providing valuable data for making informed decisions and adjustments in your return processes.
Raw Data
Export raw data for returns, enabling you to create customized reports and conduct in-depth analysis tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
Shipping Costs
Easily track and analyze return shipping expenses, ensuring you have a clear overview of your shipping costs related to returns for effective cost management.
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